Sequence diagram: crossed arrows

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Is it possible to draw crossed arrows in a sequence diagram? I'm working on workflows involving crossing of messages to express race conditions, something like:

S1 sends a message to S2

At the same time, S2 sends a message to S1


I'm not sure if it follows the UML standards but this is allowed by tools like MS Visio or Rational

Thanks in advance

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See also

Interesting especially in the light of e.g. asynchronous communication (MPI).
I doubt that it is possible as it is a SEQUENCE diagram.

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answered May 23 by The-Lu (46,400 points)

Hello A. and all,

See some new enhancements [on V1.2022.6beta] about this topic, here:

Here is a first proposal (Thank to PlantUML team):

!pragma teoz true

S1 ->(30) S2: msg 1\n
& S2 ->(30) S1: msg 2

note left S1: msg\nS2 to S1
& note right S2: msg\nS1 to S2

If that can help,