Is there a way to use multiple output formats with -pipe

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asked Feb 6 in Wanted features by Brandon
With the -pipe and -pipedelimitor options is is easy to start a server in another programming language and render images by piping them though a forked process.

It would be nice to have some directive to send down the pipe to change the output format so one -pipe process could serve back svg or png .

Something like:

%outputformat png

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answered Feb 6 by plantuml (213,160 points)
We really like the idea !

It's really a beta version, but with last beta you can now have :

@@@format svg
Alice -> Bob


@@@format png
Alice -> Bob

This way, you should be able to switch between png and svg. It's only working with -pipe.

Tell us if it's working for you. Right now, only png and svg are supported. Latter we could add more directive.
commented 3 days ago by coxley
This is awesome!