PLantUml Syntax not functioning in Eclipse

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asked Apr 17, 2020 in Bug by Andrey
I have just started utilizing plantUML plugin in eclipse so maybe this error is due to my inexpirience however

I cant group class atributes and methods in Class{


} as shown viable in the language specifications

i also cant generate any relation between classes that isnt -->

so *-- and o-- do not work.

Is there any fix for this or is this mearly a fluke accident that happened only to me?

i have included the code bellow so as to proove the veracity of my case.

 * @startuml
 *     Empresa:-String CIF
 *     Empresa:-String razonSocial
 *     Empresa:-String direcionSocial
 *     Empresa:-String tif
 *     Empresa:----
 *     Empresa:+void asignatura(ci:String,dir:String,tif:String)
 *     Empresa:+Empresa[] obtener()
 *    Cliente:-int codClient
 *    Cliente:-float comision
 *    Cliente:-String nombre_empresa
 *    Cliente:----
 *    Cliente:+void asignar(int cod,float com,String nomemp)
 *    Cliente:+Cliente[] obtener()

 *    Empresa*--Cliente


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answered Apr 17, 2020 by plantuml (244,920 points)
This forum is more dedicated to the core PlantUML library.

You should post your issue here

Thanks !
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answered Apr 17, 2020 by Serge Wenger Work (13,820 points)