Configurable HTTP request size limit

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asked May 20 in Wanted features by mathursiddarth (120 points)


I am trying to run plantuml on python.
Whereas, as the HTTP request size gets too big, I get the 413 client Error:

413 Client Error: FULL head for url: http://localhost:9999/plantuml/svg/xLrjRzkuilw-mFu77TmlMo3nrVjBW1uSH_QcFcivNiljRd7tGd0JjMkiO-VOJhlzzuUaH8iYAP5o7KTsYGKMQV8CIGs7ymo7rEXVc-rilNrwMFpum-nkkrfhOOH_clHly8_HxfVzuiV99Dm9NU_

Is there a way to overcome the 413? I believe it is advised to host the server locally for longer diagrams. I tried that and it does not seem to help.

Are there any suggestions on how to generate a large output? 

Can the HTTP request size limit be made configurable for when the server is hosted locally?

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