Dotted arrow --> is also the close of comment blocks (HTML, XML, Markdown)

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asked Jul 2, 2020 in Wanted features by Fuhrmanator (1,700 points)
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Some creative uses of embedded PlantUML in markdown break because a --> (dotted arrow) is the same as the end of a comment, e.g., <!-- ... -->

Would it be possible to support an alternate form, say --\> to prevent this problem?

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answered Jul 2, 2020 by The-Lu (67,000 points)
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Hello F.,

A possible workaround, in order to use dotted (or dashed) arrow on sequence diagram, without use of '-->' will be:

Foo -[dotted]-> Bar

[Click to see on the PlantUML online server]

Compare the same result with '-->' and with '-[dotted]->':


If that can help,

commented Jul 3, 2020 by plantuml (295,000 points)
Thanks for the workaround...

We did not even think about that !

Anyway, we have just released on new beta ( ) that uses _ as escape char. We are trying to avoid \ as escape character because since it is used by many other programming langage, it can bring confusion when you embedded UML diagrams into source code.

So you can now have :