TWiki integration

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asked Aug 1, 2013 in Wanted features by ScienceMan (120 points)
PlantUML supports many wiki integrations, but TWiki is not among those listed.

What would be needed to support a TWiki integration?  (For example, I see that there is GraphViz .dot file syntax suport via if this is helpful.)

Has anyone made PlantUML work with TWiki?

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answered Aug 2, 2013 by plantuml (295,000 points)

I don't think that it has been done.
However, as you said, since a Graphviz plugin already exists, creating a PlantUML plugin should be easy, since the general architecture of both plugins should be the same. (Retrieving the diagram text, launching the executable, retrieving the image file)

I don't know where the DirectedGraphPlugin code is located. The only public file I've found is:

I suggest that you post a request on some TWiki forum: creating a new plugin should be easy for a TWiki developper.
We could give some help if needed about PlantUML.