Looking for an alternative to "interface"

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asked Jul 8 in Question / help by Astonfe

In the example below, is it possible to use something different than "interface" to obtain something other that has the dimension of a point?

top to bottom direction
skinparam {
    arrowcolor black
    defaulttextalignment center
    linetype ortho
    nodesep 30
    ranksep 30
    shadowing false

rectangle "Qwert yu\nasdfghjkl" as a #ECF0F1/E74C3C
rectangle "Zxcvbnmkj po\nlkjhgfdsaqwer" as b
rectangle "Zxcvbn\npoiuytre" as c
rectangle "Lkjhgf\ngfredvb" as d #ECF0F1/F1C40F
rectangle "Dertyu lehdt" as e #ECF0F1/9B59B6
rectangle "..." as f
rectangle "Vserty sjeuw\n(lwyetdg suetfg)" as j #ECF0F1/9B59B6
rectangle "..." as k

interface " " as z1
interface " " as z2

a --> b
b --> c
c --> d
d -r- z2 : \t\t
z2 --> j
j --> k
d -l- z1 : \t\t
z1 --> e
e --> f


commented Jul 9 by Astonfe

In other words, is it possible to use a line with a 90° angle? In Graphviz I use shape=point as intermediate point. Is it possible also in PlantUML?

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