You can no longer nest partitions from Version 2.13.11?

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asked Jul 9 in Question / help by anonymous
Windows10 Pro 64bit

Visual studio code 1.46.1

An error occurred in the activity diagram created in the past.

As a result of investigation, it is normal until PlantUML version 2.13.10.

The same markdown gives an error from PlantUML version 2.13.11.

Is it a specification that you can not nest partitions?

sorry, I don't english. Powerd by GOOGLE Transration.
commented Jul 9 by albert (2,900 points)
An example plus error message would be nice.
commented Jul 10 by anonymous

Plantuml 2.13.10 >OK
Plantuml 2.13.12 > Error

partition "X"{
  (*) --> "Initialization"
  partition "Y"{
    if "Some Test" then
    -->[true] "Some Activity"
    --> "Another activity"
    -right-> (*)
    ->[false] "Something else"
    -->[Ending process] (*)

error message

Error found in diagram "Untitled-1"
this1=[X, X.Y] 

I think you should use the new model.
However, something too complicated could not be described in the new model.

sorry, I don't english. Powerd by GOOGLE Transration.

commented Jul 10 by albert (2,900 points)

I just tried it in the plantuml web server and got an image:

Further I tried it locally with PlantUML version 1.2020.16beta3 and got an image (looks also OK except for the position of the "some text") but here I also get the messages:

this1=[X, X.Y]

When I use more partitions I get more messages. The messages look like to come from the file: src/net/sourceforge/plantuml/cucadiagram/

        public void checkSameAs(Code code, String separator, CucaDiagram diagram) {
                if (diagram.V1972()) {
                final String last = parts.get(parts.size() - 1);
                if (separator == null) {
                        if (code.getName().equals(last) != true && code.getName().equals(toString(separator)) == false) {
                                System.err.println("code1=" + code);
                                System.err.println("this1=" + this);
                } else {
                        if (getLastPart(code.getName(), separator).equals(last) != true
                                        && code.getName().equals(toString(separator)) == false) {
                                System.err.println("code2=" + code);
                                System.err.println("this2=" + this);

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