Should the Biddable skinparams apply to the biddable stereotype?

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asked Aug 17 in Question / help by Martin
edited Aug 17

I was trying to work out what BiddableBackgroundColor & BiddableBorderColor are for.  And I discovered the (undocumented?) Problem Diagram from  This seems to implement the concept presented in

So I gave it a go:

title Problem Diagram R1
skinparam BiddableBackgroundColor LightBlue
skinparam BiddableBorderColor red
requirement "Collect and display drone flight paths on a map" as R1
domain "Google Map" as D1       <<Designed>>
domain "Onboard LiveBox" as D2  <<Designed>>
domain "Drone"   as D3  <<Biddable>>
domain "Path"    as D4  <<Lexical>>
domain "Map"     as D5  <<Causal>>
domain "Monitor" as M   <<Machine>>
M -- D1:                a1
M -- D2:                b1
D1 -- D4:               d1
D4 <-[dashed]- R1:      d
D2 -- D3:               e1
D3 -[dashed]- R1:       e
D2 -- D4:               d2
D5 <-[dashed]- R1:      c
D1 -- D5:               c1

But the Biddable skinparams don't seem to have any effect on the biddable component, please clarify what they are used for.

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