Can large classes span rows?

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asked Aug 28 in Question / help by Floppy (120 points)
I have an entity-relationship diagram with a lot of small entities, but a few really long ones. Because they all get laid out on rows, those rows end up really tall, and there is a lot of wasted space that makes the diagram hard to read. Is there a way to either change how the object are packed, or to tell a class to span across multiple rows?

For instance, in the diagram, it would be nice if `Huge` could span 3 rows, so that the three clases to the side of it could be stacked above each other.

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answered Aug 31 by The-Lu (7,960 points)

Hello F.,


For a possible workaournd, You can change the layout, (and the arrow), by:

left to right direction

[Code on PlantUML server]

But now we can observe issues on the other entities: Miniscule and Microscopic.... wink

If that can help,