How do I detach a Partition from another Partition

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asked Sep 18 in Question / help by Hobo Joe
I would like to detach the "Another" partition and place it to the right of the "DataConsumption" partition. Can anyone help?


Partition Another {

Partition DataConsumption {

    while (m_Running)

        while (consume)
            if (current PTS) then (yes)
                note left
                append data to current PTS
                data buffer.
                end note
            else (NEW PTS)
                : create Emsg;
                note right
                Use current PTS metadata
                to fill in details.
                end note
                : Enque emsg;
                : clear current PTS buffer;
        end while
    end while
        : exit;

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answered Sep 23 by The-Lu (8,980 points)

Hello H.,

  • What do you want precisely?

You can split the partition, but I doesn't know if it's that you want; Here is a proposal:

[→ See on PlantUML server]

If that can help,