Add support of node colors to WBS for single nodes

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asked Nov 4 in Wanted features by Markus

I really like the simplicity of the WBS syntax to setup worpackage breakdown structures. Since in many cases (e.g. research projects) workpackages are spread over a variety of organizations some basic color coding would be really helpfull. I have found several possiblities to automatically change colors for levels... but would really appreciate the possibility to use e.g. the mindmap syntax to change the color of single nodes like:

* this is the partner workpackage

**[red] this is my workpackage

Since it does exist for mindmaps I hope it is not too much work to implement such feature

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answered Nov 5 by The-Lu (10,120 points)

Hello M.,

A possible workaround is to use stereotype style (css), as:

wbsDiagram {
  .red {
      BackgroundColor red
* this is the partner workpackage
** this is my workpackage <<red>>
** this is another workpackage

See also on:

If that can help,

commented Nov 5 by Markus
edited Nov 5
Thanks a lot! I already tried this but it doesn't work. Your example doesn't work on my installation as well. I use plantuml on visual studio code. Do I have to activate/ update something?


PUML is very picky about newlines. You have to have the brackets and newlines exactly where you have them


commented Nov 5 by plantuml (235,460 points)

You can check your PlantUML version using:


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answered Nov 6 by plantuml (235,460 points)

This has been implemented in last beta and on the online server.

commented Nov 6 by Markus Grebenstein
Would you mind being more specific since I don't get it? What has been implemented? What is shown above (we are aware of that since the example given by The-Lu worked on the servers and my installation)? If not: what is the syntax? I haven't found a documentation yet.

Thanks a lot and all the best,

commented Nov 6 by plantuml (235,460 points)

Sorry, we are doing things too fast!

You can click on the image to have the syntax.

This new syntax is:

*[#blue] this is the partner workpackage
**[#red] this is my workpackage
** this is another workpackage

It is not documented yet.

Tell us if it's not clear.