Removing/Hiding Borders on Tables

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asked Nov 18 in Question / help by schmidtjano (120 points)

Is there a way to remove/hide the borders of a table in a note, or at least be able to set the border colour to the same colour as the note?

I tried "skinparam TableBorderColor #white", but that did not work for me.



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answered Nov 18 by The-Lu (10,120 points)

Hello S.

  • Have you an example for testing?

Otherwise here is an example, according to your request:

at least [...] set the border colour to the same colour as the note

You can use "<#FBFB77,#FBFB77>" on the begin of the table as:

node node
note right of node
  <#FBFB77,#FBFB77>|= Husky / Yorkie |= Foo |
  | SourceTree1 | foo1 |
  | ST2 | foo2 |
end note

[See on PlantUML server]

See also document on:

If that can help,

commented Nov 19 by albert (2,940 points)
I think a small note is on its place the #FBFB77 represents the default yellow color of the note.

When specifying e.g

skinparam notebackgroundcolor red

one gets yellow lines in the table as borders, in that case one should use:

<#red,#red>|= Husky / Yorkie |= Foo |

Also to be noted is that the first mentioned color is for the coloring of the header line and the second color is for the borders.