It would be nice to be able to collapse mind-map branches

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asked Nov 25, 2020 in Wanted features by Korny (120 points)

A lot of the value of mindmaps is being able to summarise information just at a high level, and hide the details.

It'd be nice if the mindmaps had the option of keeping the detailed information in the textual representation, but temporarily hiding or showing sub-branches.  This would also allow future tools using plantuml as a backing representation to be more interactive - expand/collapse branches via mouse clicks, and keep the "state" of what is hidden/shown in the underlying plantuml text.

I can think of two (possible complementary) ways to implement this:

  1. allow a setting for the whole map, "max depth" or something, so you could change how deep into the tree is rendered with one setting.
  2. allow for different syntax for each map node, to indicate if it's children should be hidden

For example, you could enter something like:

* root
**- child1
*** subchild1
*** subchild2

Here 'child1' would be shown, but not subchild1 or subchild2.  Possibly 'child1' would have an indicator to show there are hidden children.

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