Note some caveats in the YAML documentation

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asked Jan 17, 2021 in Bug by Martin (8,360 points)

The new YAML data representation is great.

But I think the page should note that only a subset of YAML is supported.  

The unsupported features I've noticed are:

  • Node anchors and references give an error
  • Flow style (embedded JSON) interprets as a string
  • Literal(|)/Folded(>) blocks give an error

As a result, some of the examples in don't work in PlantUML.

In fact the PlantUML implementation is closer to StrictYAML which also doesn't like some of these YAML features (e.g. see - which might be a better specification to aim for.

Another issue is that they still give the error message "Your data does not sound like JSON data" - should that read YAML data?

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