interface with sprite doesn't always display sprite

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asked Jan 20, 2021 in Bug by Martin (6,780 points)

One 'interface with sprite & text' on its own doesn't draw very well:

interface #white "long text" as A <<$archimate/principle-filled>>

However, two of them together draw perfectly!

interface #white "long text" as A <<$archimate/principle-filled>>
interface #white "long text" as B <<$archimate/principle-filled>>

commented Jan 20, 2021 by The-Lu (37,840 points)

Hello Martin and PlantUML team,

In fact, that is more generic:

  • alone interface on component/deployment diagram is cropped
  • alone interface on class diagram is good

Here is a minimal example:

class diagram : OK
interface "a b c d e f g h i" #pink
component/deployment diagram : KO
interface #pink "a b c d e f g h i"

That is not an urgent issue, because it occurs only when you have only one interface!

Thanks for your support,

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