How to hide stereotype using <STYLE>

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asked Feb 24, 2021 in Question / help by Martin (8,160 points)
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Now that style is extending to cover DeploymentDiagram and ComponentDiagram, you can define custom style stereotypes for them.  But how do you suppress the stereotype text from displaying?


.abbr {
  hyperlinkColor #black
  roundCorner 10
  ShowStereotype false
rectangle A <<abbr>> as "
Here is a [[{Three Letter Acronym} TLA]], for example.

I want the "<<abbr>>" not to show.

I can see that a "ShowStereotype" style exists, but I can't find the syntax to turn it off.

PS I know "hide stereotype" can do this at a global level.

commented Feb 26, 2021 by chris (1,780 points)
Is it backwards? Like hide at global and then show for specific ones you want?
commented Feb 26, 2021 by Martin (8,160 points)
lol; I couldn't make that work, but I like the idea.
commented Mar 3, 2021 by chris (1,780 points)

Best I can offer is using the global negation, can't get it working with style either

hide stereotype
show <<abbr>> stereotype

commented Mar 3, 2021 by chris (1,780 points)
hide <<example>> stereotype
Also works
commented Mar 4, 2021 by Martin (8,160 points)

I'll accept "hide <<abbr>> stereotype" as an answer.  Nice one, thank you!

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answered Mar 4, 2021 by chris (1,780 points)
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hide <<abbr>> stereotype