Sankey diagrams

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asked Mar 15 in Wanted features by Alex
A Sankey diagram is a flow diagram in which the width of the arrows is proportional to the flow rate. There are many tools to draw them but they are graphical. This would make a great addition to plantuml as the diagrams are usually data driven.

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answered Mar 15 by The-Lu (19,980 points)

Hello A.,

- Would that be enough?

title Bracketed line thickness
node foo
foo --> bar                 : ∅
foo -[thickness=1]-> bar1   : [1]
foo -[thickness=2]-> bar2   : [2]
foo -[thickness=4]-> bar3   : [4]
foo -[thickness=8]-> bar4   : [8]
foo -[thickness=16]-> bar5  : [16]

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