key and label for wbs diagrams

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asked Mar 26, 2021 in Wanted features by Bryan (280 points)
I'm starting to make heavy use of WBS diagrams. Thanks. Marvellously simple syntax.

1) Obviously the main label is the top box, but it'd be handy to put a "graphviz style" label somewhere on the diagram (e.g. for version and date information).

2) I make use of colour (via <style>) to, for example, indicate priority activities in the work breakdown, but I'd like to make a small key using coloured boxes at the bottom left or right ... below the main diagram ... it'd be nice to have a syntax for boxes which would appear all in a horizontal row, unconnected, but justified (left/right/centre) with respect to the main diagram.

Best wishes, Bryan

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answered Mar 26, 2021 by plantuml (265,600 points)
Could you post a simple example ? I'm not sure to understand your suggestion.

Thanks !
commented Mar 27, 2021 by Bryan (280 points)

Sorry. A sketch is here:  In this example, I'd be wanting to indicate activities, and use a key to show some sort of priority (but there are gazillions of other examples of course).   Ideally the label would use a syntax similar to graphviz insofar as one would want to optionally position in at the top or bottom and left/centre/right align it.

I could suggest a syntax, and would be happy to do so, but you may already have better ideas.

commented Mar 28, 2021 by Bryan (280 points)
Thanks. That's of course different from what I had in mind, but would certainly meet the requirement. My only request would be that we could choose how to position the legend (top, bottom, centred, left or right aligned).

(This legend capability would be really useful for all the diagram types!)
commented Mar 28, 2021 by plantuml (265,600 points)
Actually legend, header and footer should be available on many diagrams.


You may also use styles to change rendering of legend/header/footer.
commented Mar 28, 2021 by Bryan (280 points)
Ah, sorry, I should have found that. Indeed that solves all my requests. Many thanks.