Option for no error when no diagrams are found

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asked Mar 31 in Wanted features by Kristian

when using plantuml with the downloaded jar using the cli, it would be useful to have an option which let the command not returning an error even if no diagrams are found.

I'm using plantuml for automatically generating some diagrams for some markdown files (which include the next to be generated svg) inside a nodejs repo and I'm using some npm script for generating documentation (markdown to pdf). The problem is, even if I don't have plantuml files to generate diagrams from, I would like to run my "npm run docs" and have my pdf files ready. The command now generate the diagrams using plantuml.jar via cli and then convert all markdown files to pdf, but since plantuml exit with an error code if it doesn't find any diagrams, the whole command fails.

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answered Mar 31 by plantuml (250,820 points)
We already have too many option flags :-)

However, maybe it's a better option to NOT exit with an error code when there is no diagram.

So we change last beta http://beta.plantuml.net/plantuml.jar to this new way.

Tell us if it's working for you.

If other people complain about this slight change, we will add yet another flag.
commented Mar 31 by Kristian
That's great!

So the next versions are not exiting with an error if no diagrams has been found. Any date for the next release?

I have tried locally the beta release of plantuml you gave me here, but I would rather not use it on my work environment since it's still a beta. Are there also https download links?

Thanks in advance!