LaTex: little bug when processing annotations (missing space at "<")

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asked Apr 8, 2021 in Bug by zechenhund (120 points)

When processing annotations to lines in state diagrams, the LaTeX-driver seems to have a bug when handling space around symbols like "<": 

  • "v_act <= 1.00 * v_max [0]" is treated correctly
  • "v_act >  1.00 * v_max [0]" has a space missing between > and 1.00

It's a tiny bug, but it's a bit ugly in the layout. 



' BangBang-Steuerung als primitivst mögliche Steuerung. 



legend "BangBang"

footer 2021/03/06 15:45 - GFB

hide empty description


state HAB {

[*]  -u-> Halt : Aufrüsten

Halt -d-> [*] : Abrüsten

state Driving {

Accel -r-> Break : v_act >  1.00 * v_max [0]

Break -l-> Accel : v_act <= 1.00 * v_max [0]


Halt  -u-> Accel : Abfahrauftrag\n//(MA received)//

Break -d-> Halt : Ankunft\n//(arrival at EoA)//



Version: PlantUML version 1.2021.3

PDF output via -tlatex shows space missing.

In PNG generated via -tpng the spaces appear correctly.  

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answered Apr 8, 2021 by plantuml (265,020 points)

Thanks for the report.

If you edit manually the LaTeX result, you should see that "v_act >  1.00" is transformed to "v\_act \textgreater   1.00".

Can you confirm ?

commented Apr 9, 2021 by zechenhund (120 points)

Thanks for the quick (or rather: immediate) answer!

Yes, I can confirm. In particular, I see 

{v\_act \textless = 1.20 * v\_max [1]};
{v\_act  \textgreater  1.20 * v\_max [1]};

It's not clear why \textgreater has 2 spaces on both sides, while \textless has only 1 on both sides. This, however, is not the cause of the discrepancy observed. Instead, \textless is followed immediately by "=" which is itself separated from "1.20" by a space, and this gets transported into the LaTeX-code. \textgreater is followed by spaces which, from the point of view of LaTeX, is just the space terminating the command "\textgreater", and no extra space gets transported into LaTeX-code. To have a space separating ">" from "1.20", one would need an additional space ("\_ " or "\quad" or "\em" or similar) after "\textgreater". 

However, this explains why there is no straightforward and easily implemented fix for this. Always adding an extra space by "\ " or such would break the case "\textless =" by separating the "<" from "=". (Not without further parsing of the text and translating it into more elaborate LaTeX-code like "\leq", which is certainly not what one wants to do here.)

Therefore, I conclude that this should not be fixed but left as is - we just have to cope whit it. 

Thanks a lot for your effort in providing this!


commented Apr 9, 2021 by zechenhund (120 points)

By the way, there is another little bug: When adding 

state any #line.dotted

the "#line.dotted" is not honored by the LaTeX-output: the border of state "any" is still drawn as a solid line. When deleting "hide empty description" the inner separator line is correctly drawn as dotted, while the outer border line continues to be drawn as solid. 

commented Apr 9, 2021 by zechenhund (120 points)

And again: there is a similar but different behaviour generating PNG. 

With state any #line.dotted and hide empty description inactive the outer border and the inner separator of "any" are drawn dotted. With hide empty description active the outer border is now drawn solid. 

I will now shut up - over and out!  wink