Request: Sequence diagram - Style duration arrow?

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asked Apr 9, 2021 in Wanted features by mawi (620 points)

Hi! How / Can we have style the duration arrow? Also, being able to control placement of the arrow, left/center/right would be cool.

But (a) color tagging the arrow does not work, and (b) would also love to skinparam the thickness of just the duration arrow and (c) use other linetypes like the normal messaging arrows.

BR! /mawi


!pragma teoz true

title (a) Style duration arrow?

skinparam sequenceArrowThickness 2

 {start} Alice -> Bob : start doing things during duration

 Bob -> Max : something

 Max -> Bob : something else

 {end} Bob -> Alice : finish

 {start} <-> {end} : <color:#red> <&warning> I cant have color \nor set arrow style...


1 Answer

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answered Apr 4 by The-Lu (48,920 points)

Hello M.,

Now with style (from v1.2022.2+...), you can style `duration arrow`, just before duration arrow (not on global) as:

arrow {
  LineColor green /' (a) color tagging the arrow  '/
  LineThickness 3 /' (b) thickness of just the duration arrow '/
  LineStyle 6;3   /' (c) use other linetypes '/

If that can help,