Missing arrowheads in sequence diagram

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asked May 16 in Bug by albert (3,120 points)

When having (an insane) diagram like:

Alice <-> Alice : text
Alice <->o Alice : text
Alice o<->o Alice : text

Bob <-> Alice
Bob <->o Alice
Bob o<->o Alice

the bottom 3 look all OK

the top 3 are all having just one arrow head (the circle seems to be OK).

Even though it is a bit an insane diagram I think that the both arrow heads should be present.
(plantuml version 1.2021.7beta1)
commented May 16 by The-Lu (31,160 points)

Hello A, and PlantUML team,

There are also issues with 'x arrow' as:

participant Alice as a

== <color:red> KO ==
a x->    a : ""x->  ""
a <->    a : ""<->  ""
a o<->o  a : ""o<->o""
a <->o   a : ""<->o""
a x<->x  a : ""x<->x""
a x->o   a : ""x->o ""



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answered May 26 by The-Lu (31,160 points)

Hello all,

This is corrected on V1.2021.7 (23 May, 2021).

Thanks PlantUML for your works,