Better JQuery integration

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asked Jan 4, 2013 in To be sorted by anonymous

Currently in file jqery_plantuml.js your code isn't very reusable because once you add your script in some web application, the rawdeflate.js will not be loaded because of the changed path.

I experienced this problem when I integrated your code in Redmine.


I changed the code so rawdeflate.js path is determined from the path of jqery_plantuml, so you can put them anywhere and reference only the first one. The change is related to rawdeflate_url variable. I suggest you to add this (or something similar) to the official release.  I used *= selector because Rails adds attributes to the end of the script name.



var rawdeflate_url = $('script[src*="jquery_plantuml.js"]').attr('src');
rawdeflate_url = rawdeflate_url.substring(0,rawdeflate_url.lastIndexOf("/")+1) + 

var deflater = window.SharedWorker && new SharedWorker(rawdeflate_url);
if (deflater) {
 deflater.port.addEventListener('message', done_deflating, false);
} else if (window.Worker) {
 deflater = new Worker(rawdeflate_url);
 deflater.onmessage = done_deflating;

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