Class diagram with different round corners

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asked Jun 26, 2021 in Question / help by costateixeira (360 points)

How can I have two classes with rounded corners with different radius in the same diagram?

I added this in the style for the class but it doesn't work. I also tried the new/beta styling but also didn't get to do it.

skinparam class<<DA>> {
  RoundCorner 10

skinparam class<<CR>> {
  RoundCorner 30


class "Class1"<<CR>> {...}
class "Normal" <<DA>> {...}

commented Jun 27, 2021 by The-Lu (37,800 points)

Hello all,

This is a defect or a wanted feature, as for classRoundCorner seems to run only on global skinparam not on stereotype, see example:

[Click to see code on online server]

Adapted from:

If that can help,

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