Why does the online server render my diagrams correctly while the offline version does not?

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asked Jul 1, 2021 in Question / help by Jan

Hi, my diagrams should look like this.

So rather small arrows connecting the different activities from top to bottom.

When I render this plantuml code using plantuml.1.2021.8.jar on my Debian 10 system with

dot -V
dot - graphviz version 2.40.1 (20161225.0304)

I can only get graphs with much too long down arrows regardless of the output format of either svg or png as shown here: https://ibb.co/9H1h7SF

How can I help to debug this further or is there a known problem/workaround?

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answered Jul 1, 2021 by The-Lu (57,460 points)
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Hello J.,

The only different seems to be the version of GraphViz:

  • your offline version on : graphviz version 2.40.1 (20161225.0304)
  • the online server on :    graphviz version 2.38.0 (20140413.2041)

See : Version on Online server

Could you downgrade to this old version (2.38) or upgrade to version (2.44)?
See this reco.: https://plantuml.com/graphviz-dot#6f41784ab1fa4554

Then perhaps you can test also without GraphViz, by adding this line on your code :

!pragma layout smetana

or if you have ELK on your offline version:

!pragma layout elk

See documentation here:

If that can help,

commented Jul 1, 2021 by Jan
!pragma layout smetana

fixes the issue for me. Thanks for the suggestion.