[Open question] What would be the color for plantUML language (on Github)?

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asked Jul 26, 2021 in Question / help by The-Lu (55,060 points)
edited Jul 26, 2021 by The-Lu

Hello PlantUML team, and all PlantUML fans,

To propose a color on github/linguist#5003, here is a [non-existential] question (see also plantuml/plantuml#596):

  • What is the color of PlantUML? (or what would be the color of the PlantUML language?)

All proposals are welcome...

Hints :
One of the colors of the PlantUML logo:

  • #991039 of the U
  • #ffba39 of the M
  • #16003a of the L

Compare to the color of UML logo:

  • #962444 of the U
  • #fbbd16 of the M
  • #452e7f of the L

commented Jul 27, 2021 by albert (3,200 points)

In the linked GitHub question I see that @plantuml has spoken for the UML color scheme, I second this it should be uniform though the current PlantUML logo is a good approximation.


commented Jul 27, 2021 by The-Lu (55,060 points)

Hello A.,

Thanks a lot for the reference and source.
I will add on the plantuml/plantuml#596.


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