Bug in eps output sequence diagram with newpage inside

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asked Dec 5, 2013 in Bug by anonymous


Got a issue that show "blocs" instead of Actors at bottom of first page and top of second page. Here is the uml :

actor User
participant "Mobile" as A
participant "Server" as B
User -> A: login
A -> A : showLoader
== Connection ==
A -> B: GET /config.json
B --> A: 200 OK
== Get data ==
A -> B: GET /data.json
B --> A: 200 OK
== Get more data ==
A -> B: GET /more-data.json
B --> A: 200 OK
== Datas received ==
A --> User: showHome

And the command line used (PlantUML version 7986 ) :

java -jar plantuml-.jar tmp.iuml -teps -charset UTF-8 -graphvizdot `which dot` -v -o .

commented Jan 23, 2014 by anonymous
bug seems fixed as 7991

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