Can you combine stereotypes with backward keyword in activity diagrams

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asked Aug 3, 2021 in Question / help by BungledB (180 points)


I'm working with activity diagrams, and I want to colourise specific activities. I can do this with a stereotype applied to most things, like this:

skinparam activity {
    BackgroundColor Olive
    BackgroundColor<<AltCol>> Green

<<AltCol>>repeat :Job Summary Page]
    :Tap "Log" from Job summary;
    :Tap layer 1 class;
    :Tap layer 2 class;
    :Take Photo;
    <<AltCol>>:Fill required details;
    backward :Show Confirmation]


But I can't figure out how to get it to work with "backward" items. This doesn't work, for example:

<<AltCol>>backward :Show Confirmation]

I tried various combinations but it errors every time.

Is this possible, or is it not implemented in the new syntax?

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