\t between <latex></latex> is interpreted as tabulator

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asked Aug 25 in Bug by anonymous
if you write

<latex>\tiny{1 * 2}</latex>

the \t in \tiny is interpreted as tabulator --> result is "<tab>iny1 * 2" --> bug.  You should not interprete \t, \n etc. between <latex></latex>

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answered Aug 26 by plantuml (257,940 points)

Thanks for the report.

Could you post an example ?

The following one is working for us:

:<latex>\tiny{1 * 2}</latex>;


commented Sep 1 by The-Lu (31,620 points)

Here are some tests, but I don't know where is the issue...

:test of ""tiny"" latex;
if (some error?) then (without error)
  #palegreen:<latex>\tiny{1 * 2}</latex>;
  #palegreen:<latex>\to \tiny{1 * 2}</latex>;
else (with first tag on error)
  #pink:the t of tiny is transformed on tab!;
  #pink:<latex>\error \tiny{1 * 2}</latex>;
  #pink:<latex>\wrong \tiny{1 * 2}</latex>;
  :Error on JLaTeXMath or on PlantUML???;