Start gui with multiple folders (-tgui)

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asked Nov 10, 2021 in Wanted features by mawi (620 points)
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I would like to have the gui watch several folders. Can it?

Examples. This works:

java -jar C:\PlantUML\plantuml.jar -gui -tpng "C:\NKP\NKP-Pocky\PreValidation\docs\flows"  -o .\img\

This does not seem to work (correct?):

java -jar C:\PlantUML\plantuml.jar -gui -tpng "C:\NKP\NKP-Pocky\docs" "C:\NKP\NKP-Pocky\PreValidation\docs\flows"  -o .\img\

And, recursive would also be awesome:

java -jar C:\PlantUML\plantuml.jar -gui -tpng "C:\NKP\NKP-Pocky\**.puml"  -o .\img\

If this does not work, could an addition of multiple folders for the GUI be considered?

BR! /mawi

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answered Dec 15, 2021 by mawi (620 points)
I posted this in the questions category, I now changed it to the wanted features category.