Ability to add sync points between processes within fork

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asked Nov 16 in Wanted features by boshka (3,220 points)
edited Nov 16 by boshka

I'd like to have an ability to define named sync points between processes within fork

for example:

            :Do 1;
            == Sync 1 ==
            :Do 2;
        fork again
            :Do 3;
            == Sync 1 ==
            :Do 4;
            :Do 5;
        end fork

so, that this would result in something like below (means that the processes must sync before doing Do 2 and Do 4):

Note: without the sync point it will result in:

PlantUML Diagram

commented Nov 17 by anonymous

There's a tedious/manual workaround.  You can insert 'labels' as spacers.  Two of them did the trick here to balance out "Do 5".
(click diagram for online server)

commented Nov 17 by boshka (3,220 points)
thank you, however, this manual workaround will break as you add more and more details to the diagram. I'd like an automated solution that will not require manual adjustments of the sync points alignments as your diagram evolves

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