How to combine horizontal mode and vertical mode to have concise nested Conditional structure in Activity Diagram

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asked Feb 4, 2022 in Bug by kasra (820 points)


the command !pragma useVerticalIf on once used is applied to the whole graph.

Is it possible to apply it locally ? or it's always global?


if (condition A) then (yes)
  :Text 1;
!pragma useVerticalIf on
if (condition A1) then (yes)
  :Text 1;
elseif (condition A2) then (yes)
  :Text 2;
 elseif (condition A3) then (yes)
  :Text 3;
!pragma useVerticalIf off
elseif (condition B) then (yes)
  :Text 2;
if (condition B1) then (yes)
  :Text 1;
elseif (condition B2) then (yes)
  :Text 2;
(no) elseif (condition C) then (yes)
  :Text 3;
if (condition C1) then (yes)
  :Text 1;
elseif (condition C2) then (yes)
  :Text 2;

Is it a bug or something not implemented ?

Best regard!


commented Feb 8, 2022 by kasra (820 points)
Is it possible at least to know if it's a bug or not ( not implemented )

thanks in advance

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