Apply "top to bottom direction" to yaml and json visualization

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asked Feb 16 in Wanted features by Tim
edited Feb 17

Thanks for providing great visualizations of YAML and JSON yes

With some nested YAML and JSON, the results become very wide, and I'd like the possibility to make the visualization fit better.

The current functionality is that changing the direction on diagrams that embed YAML and JSON does not affect the YAML or JSON visualization (which is always left to right direction), while it does affect the rest of the diagram, as seen when modifying the Self Descriptive Example on the preprocessing JSON page ( 

One way the goal could be supported, is by being able to selectively change the orientation of the YAML or JSON visualization to use "top to bottom direction" or not, without affecting the overall chart, to make it fit better.

Best regards!

/edit: Updated title and text to reflect my new understanding that the YAML and JSON visualization is currently always left to right direction, and it would be good to make it go top to bottom.

commented Feb 16 by The-Lu (48,920 points)

Hello T.,

Is that YAML and JSON diagrams are currently already always in `left to right direction` mode.

See example on the doc:

commented Feb 16 by The-Lu (48,920 points)

Ah! I now understand... 

As JSON and YAML diagram are natively in `left to right direction`
Then could you change the title, as it:

Apply "top to bottom direction" to YAML and JSON visualization

commented Feb 17 by Tim
Yes, you are absolutely correct. I've updated the title, and fixed the original question also based on my new understanding of the proper question to ask.

commented Jun 10 by qwertyberty
Is there any more movement on this feature? I would also like to see json represnted top to bottom

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