cannot decode png file

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asked Mar 4 in Bug by kasra (560 points)


I tried an example from the documentation but I 've got an error 

:* You can change <color:red>text color</color>
* You can change <back:cadetblue>background color</back>
* You can change <size:18>size</size>
* You use <u>legacy</u> <b>HTML <i>tag</i></b>
* You use <u:red>color</u> <s:green>in HTML</s> <w:#0000FF>tag</w>
* Use image : <img:>


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commented Mar 4 by kasra (560 points)
thanks for  your answer,

I guess we have to wait for a fix.



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answered Mar 6 by plantuml (279,680 points)
We had some certificate issues on the server.

It should be fixed now!

Sorry for the delay.
commented Mar 7 by kasra (560 points)
Perfect , many thanks