Possible to draw feature-diagrams?

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Is it possible to draw feature diagrams?

Most of the visual elements are already possible, only the grouped edges for the "Or" or "Alternative" relation of a feature diagram are missing:

I'm able to somehow reproduce the most notation elements, but now the "Or" or "Alternative" notation:

rectangle "E-Shop" as eshop
rectangle Catalog
rectangle Payment
rectangle Security
rectangle Search

rectangle "Bank Transfer" as banktransfer
rectangle "Credit Card" as creditcard

rectangle High
rectangle Standard

eshop --@ Catalog
eshop --@ Payment
eshop --@ Security
eshop --0 Search

Payment -- banktransfer
Payment -- creditcard

Security -- High
Security -- Standard

Below as a comment I proposed a syntax for the feature diagrams.

commented Apr 5 by Martin (8,320 points)
edited Apr 5 by Martin

I don't believe Plantuml has anything close to this.  You could turn it into a wanted feature and add some suggested syntax and see if it piques their interest.

The closest I could get is:

commented Apr 12 by notyetfound (120 points)

As syntax I would change to something like mindmap/wbs because feature models are also hierarchical.

This syntax would also follow the syntax of Universal Variability Language (UVL, see: https://github.com/Universal-Variability-Language/uvl-parser).

                "Bank Transfer"
                "Credit Card"


Of course the mandatory/or/alternative/optional blocks could be changed into line prefix symbols, if that would be easier for implementation:

Symbolrelation type
++ Catalog
++ Payment    
???? "Bank Transfer"
???? "Credit Card"
++ Security    
|||| High
|||| Standard
** Search

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