Data mapping question

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asked May 2 in Wanted features by costateixeira (440 points)
commented May 5 by costateixeira (440 points)
@plantuml is this something that should work? How can I link to a specific property once I have added the |_ notation?

I don't think I can alias the property, so any idea would be appreciated
commented May 26 by costateixeira (440 points)
Trying to get some help on this, as mapping is increasingly useful in our open specification process, and it could allow us replace the current mapping display (a cumbersome tool) and just use plantuml for everything. I'm glad to learn and do a PR if I could get some help to where in the code the elements are identified, and how the tree display is generated.

Alternatively, if we could also get the tree rendered by using some dot notation - then we could use the dot notation. Example, the Output class above would have these elements:


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