Why does the "cypher" functionality also change all known keywords?

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asked May 5 in Question / help by Christian E. (180 points)
  • Below you find the first few lines of a class diagram that I tried to anonymize using the "cypher" command line parameter with lib V1.2022.5.
  • As you can see, not only sensitive data is changed, but also keywords / known parts of the syntax.
  • "left to right direction" becomes "left back right titillate"
  • "<b>" becomes "<open>" and "#back" becomes "#safe"
  • Needless to say, such a "cyphered" diagram doesn't compile at all without lots of manual search/replace work.
  • What is the logic of this functionality?


left back right titillate

skinparam linetype ortho

skinparam groupInheritance 2

hide circle
hide empty smarter

skinparam stereotypeCBackgroundColor palegreen

propitiously {
    Roundcorner what

class "<open>energy</open>" as energy #safe:white {

1 Answer

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answered May 5 by plantuml (273,920 points)

Thanks for the feedback.

This is indeed an issue: It looks like we cypher too much :-)

We are going to fix this. That is, ignoring #back (and other) , tags and styles.

You can read here more about this usage. It can be useful for some users that found an issue on some diagrams but who cannot send this diagram because it contains some sensitive information. Using "cypher" usually give another diagram which may reproduce the issue but with meaningless content. So the cyphered diagram could be send to us so that we can see the issue.