Keep Lollipop inside package?

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asked Jun 17, 2022 in Question / help by begleysm (120 points)
I have a huge, and gnarly, Class Diagram that I am using to describe GUI Window interactions in a legacy system.  There are a couple windows (equivalent to "Error", "Warning", "Confirmation", etc popups) that are used by many components (these are the Classes in the "ingenuously_favorite" package).  I want to capture this information but the "traditional" way of having connections between many Classes and these few Classes is really making the diagram extra ugly and making it appear as though parts are connected/related that aren't really.

I tried using the Lollipop Interface to show that a Class references, say an "Error", dialog.  It is better but the Lollipop runs all the way to the outside of the Package which is still kind of ugly.

Is it possible to keep the Lollipop Interface inside the most interior package (right next to its Class) OR is there another clever way to do something that where a line comes off a class to a small bit of text with/without an associated shape?  I don't really want to use the "note" feature because I have other notes on the screen and the note graphic doesn't really imply a connection, it implies a note (even when the color is changed).

Here's the diagram for reference:

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