Need to align/better represent Links to property/method in class diagram

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asked Jul 6 in Bug by anonymous
The following simple diagram attempts to show the relationship between properties of three classes.  Where they have the same name they should be linked by a simple line.  The classes aren't arranged in a manner to simplify the line drawing and the lines that are drawn don't point to the most appropriate point on the property.

1. Is there any simple strategy to have the classes drawn in a more logical manner to show the links?

2. Is there any way to make the links either align to the edge of the class, and point to the a more appropriate referenced to the property?

skinparam linetype ortho
class source1 {
   property1 : string
   property2 : integer
   property3 : datetime
class destination1  {
   property1 : string
   property3 : datetime
class destination2 {
   property2 : integer
source1::property1 <--> destination1::property1
source1::property3 <--> destination1::property3
source1::property2 <--> destination2::property2

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