Arrow styles in sequence diagrams: final "o" will not work

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asked Feb 21, 2014 in Bug by redyeti (120 points)


while trying to use arrow styles in sequence diagrams, I stumbled across some cases, where the notation for the final "o" will not work:

  • If the arrow is a reference to the participant itself (foo ->o foo), the final "o" is omitted in the svg output
  • If the arrow is headed to the right side of the diagram (foo ->o]), a state diagram is created
  • If the arrow comes from the left side of the diagram ([->o foo), you get a syntax error

Same results, if the "o" is at the other side of the arrow.

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answered Feb 22, 2014 by plantuml (265,060 points)


Thanks for the report. This has been fixed in V7993.

We have tested the following case:

foo o->o]
[o->o foo2
foo3 o<-o]
[o<-o foo4
foo ->o]
[o-> foo2
foo3 <-o]
[o<- foo4
foo o->o foo1
foo ->o foo1
foo o->o foo
foo ->o foo
foo o-> foo

If you find any other issue regarding "o", thanks to post here,