Cannot add "notes" to binary or analog signals in timing diagrams

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asked Aug 4, 2022 in Bug by jk

Hello, I found the following error log when attempting to add a note to an analog signal and binary signal.



binary "Vcore Enable" as EN1

analog "Vcore" as VC


0 is high

5 is low

note bottom of EN1: Vcore enable is active low


0 is 0

5 is 0

6 is 1


Log for issue:

Error found in diagram notes_test
Error java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException
at net.sourceforge.plantuml.timingdiagram.PlayerBinary.addNote(
at net.sourceforge.plantuml.timingdiagram.command.CommandNote.executeArg(
at net.sourceforge.plantuml.timingdiagram.command.CommandNote.executeArg(
at net.sourceforge.plantuml.command.SingleLineCommand2.execute(
at net.sourceforge.plantuml.command.ProtectedCommand.execute(
at net.sourceforge.plantuml.AbstractPSystem.executeCommand(
at net.sourceforge.plantuml.command.PSystemCommandFactory.executeFewLines(
at net.sourceforge.plantuml.command.PSystemCommandFactory.createSystem(
at net.sourceforge.plantuml.PSystemBuilder.createPSystem(
at net.sourceforge.plantuml.BlockUml.getDiagram(
at net.sourceforge.plantuml.SourceStringReader.outputImage(
at net.sourceforge.plantuml.Pipe.generateDiagram(
at net.sourceforge.plantuml.Pipe.managePipe(
at net.sourceforge.plantuml.Run.managePipe(
at net.sourceforge.plantuml.Run.main(
You should send a mail to or post to with this log (V1.2022.5)
You should send a mail to or post to with this log (V1.2022.5) java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException
Some diagram description contains errors

commented Aug 5, 2022 by The-Lu (57,500 points)

Hello J., and all,

FYI see restriction:

You have a first [on 2017] and incomplete implementation. [...]


Then currently note is only available for `concise` timing diagram.


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