Componnent link with --( not working correctly in eps

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asked Feb 24, 2014 in Bug by Nereis (120 points)


I tried the beta mode to save component digram in eps.
I got a different behavior with this kind of link

Interface )-left- S

In the standard way, it does something like that: 

O        )--

In eps mode, it gives that: 

O       O--

It sets a circle at this end of the link instead of a hook


Small tips: I think it would be better if the distance is smaller between the interface and the link

O )--


You have done a awesome job with plantUML! First free solution to do easily UML, you changed my life! 

1 Answer

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answered Feb 28, 2014 by plantuml (295,000 points)

Thanks for the report.
This has been solved in the following beta:

Do not hesitate to bring us feedback, because we did very few tests on this.