"remove @unlinked" doesn't remove nodes if links were removed by "remove $tag"

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asked Sep 13, 2022 in Bug by d.boger (120 points)

I have a big component diagram with a few hundreds components and links between them. Luckily I can tag some key components and then use combination of "remove $t1", "remove $t2" and "restore $t2" to see only related part of the system.

So my diagram for now looks like this:

top to bottom direction
package outputs {
component out1
component out2
component out3
package processors {
component proc1 $proc1
component proc2 $proc2
component proc3 $proc3

package inputs {
component in1
component in2
component in3

in1 --> proc1
in2 --> proc1
proc1 --> out2
in2 --> proc3
proc3 --> out2
proc3 --> out3
proc3 --> out1
in3 --> proc2
proc2 --> out1

remove $proc2
remove $proc3

remove @unlinked

You can see result here: //www.plantuml.com/plantuml/png/NP2npiCW38HtdiB3lsQ8sN_rLL9YLIWDHk1qgVhk3L3HcWNqtPrF1k48md1b4TvXzOcSU0ucBcvRRWHyI3mamzCutYC72bAqMIDgjERL2s9YHpbpqXr5dk6lNeECJSP1jaqktRtSXt6vKveLeQ8wVKPWclxR3YVX3zMpSdcMCcqrRJSr3cxfjNsqPV5hcaGxF-Zp0OfGaItHB9p6xEK8TnysMjy0

I expect that after removing $proc2 and $proc3 removing @unlinked will remove unconnected nodes, for example out3 and out1, but it looks like "remove @unlinked" processed before other removals.

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answered Sep 14, 2022 by plantuml (295,000 points)
selected Sep 15, 2022 by d.boger
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Thanks for the report.

This has been fixed on the online server and with last snapshot.

Tell us if you find other issues!