WBS Diagram: HyperlinkUnderline false

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asked Sep 30, 2022 in Bug by alex

I understand that `HyperlinkUrl false` has been a buggy in 2019 already (ref. https://forum.plantuml.net/9158/hyperlink-without-underline?show=9158#q9158).

Yet, I have the same problem in my WBS Diagram using the current version 1.2022.9 - the directive HyperlinkUnderline false has no effect:




wbsDiagram {

HyperlinkUnderline false

HyperlinkColor Red

  .pinkname {

      BackgroundColor pink




* Software Project

**[#SkyBlue] Design

***: Build team

 - John (The database) [[https://dawkins.com Dawkins]]

 - Sally (The javascript) Marten

 - Fred (The Animal) Johnson; <<pinkname>>

*** Start detailed estimation



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answered Oct 6, 2022 by plantuml (294,540 points)

Thanks for the report.

You can now have this.

Hope this helps!