Small rendering difference between default and Teoz

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asked Oct 4, 2022 in Bug by anonymous
Hi, not sure if this is a bug but I notice a difference in rendering between when you use !pragma teoz true and when you don't.

I'm using this simple example as below.  Alignment with the activated lifeline changes depending on if enabled or not.  If not enabled (default?) , the top of the arrows are aligned with the top on both sides.  If teoz is set to true, there is a gap that can be seen between the arrow and the activated lifeline on activated lifeline Second.  On the return, the activated lifeline of Second extends past the arrow. When teoz is not set, both activated lifelines are the same size, and the arrow lines to the bottom of both :

!pragma teoz true
First -> Second : message
activate First
activate Second
Second ->  First: response
deactivate First
deactivate Second

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answered May 26 by The-Lu (65,440 points)

Hi A., and all

FYI, it is now fixed with the last PlantUML version:

Thanks to the PlantUMML team and contributors, yes