EBNF - Perserve the order of element

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asked Dec 4, 2022 in Wanted features by The-Lu (64,960 points)

Hello PlantUML team,

  • Why the order is not persevered?


title Test or group order
test-grp-order = (one, two), three;

Thanks for the enhancement,

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answered Dec 5, 2022 by Todd Musheno (2,680 points)
I think the title is sort of not part of the ebnf, its the document title... used in other diagrams.

Sort of like styling and such.

Could be wrong.
commented Dec 5, 2022 by The-Lu (64,960 points)

Hello T.,

  • Could you precise your answer?

Here is a minimal example (without title):

a = (one, two), three;
b = (one (* 1 *), two (* 2 *)), three (* 3 *);


commented Dec 14, 2022 by Todd Musheno (2,680 points)
You are correct, that seems broken.