Anyone used Plant UML - or similar - to make simple room layouts?

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asked Jan 29 in Question / help by gponym (120 points)
I keep facing the need to make ultra-simple room layouts:  think:  rectangular and circular graphics placed precisely within 4 walls.  The visual output would resemble a hand sketch but with straight edges and accurate relative sizes (to scale).

I vastly prefer working with a text-based interface like PlantUML.  But I didn't see how to create objects to scale nor to position them precisely.

Maybe PlantUML can do this.  But if not, I wonder if someone has created software that uses text to describe objects and to position them exactly where desired?

(Note:  for more realistic room layouts that depict actual furniture and architectural features like doors or windows, there exist GUI-interface products.  I know of them but would like to find a text-based interface.)
commented Jan 29 by gponym (120 points)
p5.js goes in the right direction but I just started to play with it today, so I'm not sure how well it'll work for doing room layouts.

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answered Jan 31 by Todd Musheno (2,510 points)
LOVE the idea... might want to look at SALT diagrams for inspiration on syntax!
commented Jan 31 by gponym (120 points)
SALT is really cool, and new to me.  At first glance it won't suit my needs, as it doesn't seem to allow direct specification of sizes or placement of objects.  But definitely good to know about for other uses.  Thanks.