Port dot to java only version

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asked Feb 15, 2023 in Wanted features by Todd Musheno (2,680 points)
Since there are java only versions of dot, could we remove the need to have it installed, and use a java version instead?

I would also be ok if there was a configuration to switch.
commented Feb 16, 2023 by albert (3,540 points)
Would be good to have a default version included, but makes it less flexible / need of more maintenance (updating to newer versions of the dot java version) and possibility of new bugs.

Having an external program has the disadvantage of the need of installing it but the advantage of having the choice of multiple versions (all with their good and bad sides) but has also the advantage that it is easier to compare whether a bug comes from plantuml or the rendering by dot.
commented Feb 16, 2023 by Todd Musheno (2,680 points)
Why not use it as a fall back, and not include the other jar...

That way you can just add it to the classpath and done... up to the user to maintain the version.
commented Feb 16, 2023 by albert (3,540 points)
I intended to mention to have the dot executable as fallback, but mybe / probably it is also possible by defining another jar file by means of a parameter on startup of plantuml

Btw. where can the jar file be found (I don't see it at https://gitlab.com/graphviz/graphviz/-/releases)?

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answered Feb 17, 2023 by plantuml (295,000 points)

You can use:

java -jar plantuml.jar -Playout=smetana

See https://plantuml.com/en/smetana02

Note that this C-to-Java port is not 100% complete, so some features are not working well