Add note after increment autonumber not working

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asked Mar 6 in Bug by Goczilla1990 (140 points)


When I increment the autonumber functionnailty with "inc", it is working if I cerate a message after, but not if I use the %autonumber% variable in a note. Is it normal ? Mayve I am doing somehting wrong.


Alice -> Bob: Authentication Request
Bob --> Alice: Authentication Response

autonumber inc
note over Bob: %autonumber% instead of 3

Alice -> Bob: Another authentication Request
Alice <-- Bob: Another authentication Response
note over Bob: %autonumber%

Thank you in advance for the help.

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answered Mar 8 by Serge Wenger Work (15,520 points)
commented Mar 8 by Goczilla1990 (140 points)

Thank you.

But you answer to my other question here Not increment message when hidden - PlantUML Q&A.

Here, it is about the notes between messages after increment the autonumber manually with "inc". Any advice ?


commented Mar 8 by Serge Wenger Work (15,520 points)
Sorry, for the answer in the wrong message.

As you can see %autonumber%" is the last number in a message, The %autonumber% is utpdated only when a message is "displayed".

After message 5, in the note, the %autonumber% is still 5.

I don't be sure that a bug. It depends how we interpret this.

@PlantumlTeam: is this a bug or not?
commented Mar 8 by Goczilla1990 (140 points)
Ok I see. So, a workaround could be to create a hidden message to increment the number and use it in a note. Let's see is someone else has a better idea :D. Anyhow, thank you for your answer.